Extra Murrials

Woodlands School offers a variety of sports at no extra costs. We compete against other independent schools as well as state schools.

At Woodlands our enthusiasm is not restricted to sport and academics. We are a bunch of all-rounders. Each year we participate in both the Afrikaans and English Eisteddfod and we are rewarded with excellent results each time. We also take part in the Art category and fare just as well.

Woodlands learners have the opportunity to take part in various extra-mural activities year round.  The sports include athletics, netball, soccer, swimming, hockey and mini-cricket.  Under the guidance of willing coaches, learners can improve their skills as well as learn the every important dynamics of working in a team.

The following extra-curricular activities are offered at Woodlands from time to time when learner numbers allow it:

Ball Skills
Cross Country


At Woodlands it is very important to develop the full potential of our learners and therefore we make it our top priority to encourage our learners to participate in the Eisteddfod and this definitely pays off.  Most of our learners achieve A++ and A+ at the Eisteddfod.

We are obviously very pleased with their achievements but this is not our main focus.  We would like our learners to become confident in public speaking and to teach them the necessary skills so that they can participate with self confidence and at the same time enjoy it.